Control the Radio

Cars provide a trapped audience and so are a great opportunity to talk about race. Commit to playing a thought-providing podcast about race.

If your family already understands that there is structural racism in America, or if they already love NPR, we suggest:

  • This American life episodes on race, including The Problem We All Live With (on school desegregation) and Birds and the Bees, Part II (by comedian  W. Kamau Bell who tries to figure out how to talk about race with his four-year-old can handle.)
  • About Race episodes, including Trying To Make Sense, in which writers and scholars engage in a discussion about the outcome of the presidential election.
  • NPR’s Code Switch’s first episode, Can We Talk About Whiteness? featuring Peggy McIntosh and other authors and scholars on how we talk (and don’t) about whiteness.
  • For Colored Nerds episode: Dear White People, which discusses white privilege and how to be an ally in the fight against white supremacy.

If your family does not acknowledge structural racism, or is new to narrative storytelling podcasts, we recommend:

Other suggestions? Email at us so we can pass them on!